Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sour Cream Burgers

This only looks like your typical ham(cheese?)burger. The taste...is out of this world. My usual burger recipe is similar to this. Only sort of though. So I guess that makes it not really similar at all....anyways, I digress. This burger is so moist, flavorful and just delish! Hubs gave his stamp of approval, but I think he just wants me to go back to my "regular" recipe. I'll have to share that with you all the next time I make it. And then you can decide. Because that's just how cool I think you all are :)

...1 lb. ground meat
...1/2 cup sour cream
...1 (1 oz.) packet dry onion soup mix
...1/2 cup bread crumbs


In a large bowl, combine all ingredients until mixture is well combined. Form patties and cook in skillet, or your grill, until burger is no longer pink. If cheese is desired, add in the last few minutes of cooking to enable melting.

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