Saturday, February 6, 2010

Other Super Bowl Worthy Recipes...

Okay, so I know I promised yesterday over on MoneySavinDiva that I was going to share a recipe for Gridiron Brownies today, but we've had a death in the family and I just haven't had the time to whip these up. So if you are really interested in this recipe then here it is, over at Allrecipes. If you do decide to make this then please let me know how they turned out!!

In lieu of a recipe today (I am soooo sorry!!) I wanted to share recipes that I've posted in the past (besides the ones I've been sharing all week) that would make perfectly acceptable Super Bowl fare as well!

...Tortilla Pinwheels
...Mini Sliders
...Bacon Quesadillas
...Pizza Dip
...BLT Dip
...Crockpot Chili
...Golden Potato Rounds
...Crockpot Meatballs in BBQ Cranberry Sauce
...BLT Pizza
...BBQ Chicken Pizza

I hope that this will give you some ideas for your Super Bowl Party spread...if you have any recipes that you would like to see me feature on this blog then please email them to me! My email is moneysavingdiva at gmail dot com. This goes for any recipe as well, not just appetizer and Super Bowl Recipes! I love to try new recipes, so send away!!

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