Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crockpot Bacon Wrapped BBQ Apple Chicken

Not even kidding you right now, I probably have at least 20 bottles of barbecue sauce in my pantry. Who really needs 20 bottles of barbecue sauce. Especially considering that in the past we've averaged, I'd say about 2 bottles per year. That means we'd be set on barbecue sauce for about the next 10. Unless we start using it on a lot of stuff. That's why I decided to finally give this recipe it's shot at glory after about 6 months of sitting in my "to try" file.


...1 chicken breast (boneless is really the only way to go for this recipe.) per person
...1 slice of bacon per chicken breast
...2 apples for every 2-3 chicken breasts used
...1/2 cup bbq sauce for every 2-3 chicken breasts used


Peel and chop apples. Stir into barbecue sauce and place in crock. Wrap bacon around each chicken breast and set in bbq/apple mixture. Spoon apple/bbq mixture ontop of chicken breasts. Cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4.

My Thoughts...
Excuse the half eaten chicken breast. I completely fogot to photograph until I was almost finished. This was good! I used a bbq sauce that had a lime flavor, and I doubt I'll do that again as it gave it a bit of a tang and covered up the apple flavor. I also felt that the bacon flavor was perhaps I'll try two slices of bacon per chicken breast next time? Well at any rate, this was really good! Hubs was slightly worried about it when he saw it, but even he enjoyed it. And the smell that wafted through my house as it cooked....downright sinful!

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